Monday, May 08, 2006


Thank you very much for considering us in your charitable giving. We appreciate and rely on donations from people like yourselves.

If you want to donate money, you can use a credit card to remit through Paypal. Just Hit the Paypal button given at the right side of this page, and follow instructions.

You can remit your donations through Western Union Money Transfer or through International Money Order - the way most convenient to you.

If you would rather send a Check or Demand Draft, please make it out to "Ravishankar Shrivastava A/C CG-OS" and send it to:

Ravishankar Shrivastava F2R 4/3 Professor Coloney, Near PWD Section office, Bhopal MP INDIA

If you find any difficulties, please contact us at we will be happy to help you.

Be sure to let us know who you are so that we can acknowledge for your contribution. Also be sure to let us know how you would like to be recognized on our web site. We will honor anonymous donations, if you so desire.


  1. Anonymous6:07 AM

    अरे छत्तीसगड़ मे तो मैं रहता हूँ ।
    पंकज ताम्रकार
    Pankaj Tamrakar

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    मुझे भी शामिल कर लें छ्त्तीसगढिया की लिस्ट में.

  3. साधुवाद हे गा तोर ये काम उपर।
    असल में आज मेहा आरंभ के चिट्ठा मा गेंव तो देखेंव कि तेहां घलोक उहां छत्तीसगढ़ी में टिप्पणी लिखे हावस। बने लागिस देख के। तोर ये महती काम में महू हा थोड़ बहुत जतेक सहायता बन पड़ही जल्दी करहूं